Monday, December 30, 2013

My Six Word Story #5

Waves crashing in my suffocating lungs.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Glass bottle.

At myself.

Well, I'm in a glass bottle.

I see, I feel and I get hurt.

So I scream
I taunt
I smack
I vent
At myself.

Cause I'm in a glass bottle.

If it breaks, I'll crawl and collect and put the pieces back together.
Let it break and I get hurt. I'll put it back together so others won't get splinters.

I'll mend it.
I'll throw it in the furnace.
I'll anneal it.
I'll give it all the love that I have.

For it is my glass bottle.

Monday, November 25, 2013


I know what I'm supposed to feel.
But I know that it is not what I need.
If I say it's what I need;
I'd be more than a liar and a hypocrite--
to myself.

To leave.
This is what I need.

People love me-- so I think.
That won't do when I don't love myself.
I need time alone.
I need to get away.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

100 word story #1

I would- if I could- just cry and cry and cry. I'm not sad but still I'll cry. Crying is not a sin, it's not something to be ashamed of because it is a relief. It's an escapism. So I will cry because my heart needs to escape. It can't handle of confusion, too much hope and happiness. It doesn't trust itself to not doubt every single one of them. So I cry; secretly hoping that my little dark cocoon will leak- and I'll slither myself out of it. To cry is not a cowardice act. It's an act of freedom.

One way trip.


Funny thing happened;
I thought I saw you at terminal A
when I was on my way to the ATM.
But I brushed it off because
I thought it didn't make sense--
for you to be here.

Then it happened again;
I thought I saw you at terminal B
when I was doing window shopping.
But I brushed it off because
I thought my head was playing me--
seeing you where ever I turn.

But guess what? it happened again;
I saw you at terminal C
when I was having my coffee at McCafe--
This time, I was so sure.
It took me few minutes to digest the situation--
But then I laughed--
I just realized something--
Something that I should have seen sooner.

You were never actually here.
You were always there with someone else.
Your lies had always been the grade A kind
and to you, I am only your plan B
but you hid it so well that I couldn't C.

Well then, you didn't see this coming did you?
Listen, you can wait at those terminals as long as you want--
because my flight just took off and it's a one way trip.

Good bye.

My six word story #4

Met you when you were leaving.

Monday, October 28, 2013

My six word story #3

"Lie to me..."

"I love you."

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Seek me

I'm playing hide and seek--
Only you're not counting.
Cuz you think I only hide--
And you don't have to seek.

I'm stuck in this dark dusty corner--
And you're not seeking me.
I feel like dying because I'm worried--
That you might lost your way.
But no--
You're not seeking me.

You're not seeking me.


Monday, October 7, 2013

My six word story #2

Loud. Popular. Party. Killed. Silent funeral.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

My six word story #1

Throat tightening. Eyes stinging. Still smiling.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dini Fareha

Degrading myself,
Is all I have known to do,
No compromise, no mercy,
Indeed a masochist.

Forlorn and bitter,
As I recall what I did to me,
Regret is all there will
Ever be, and
Hate is
All there is left, to me.

Dini Fareha

I can't believe after all of the great poems that you've managed to write, you still consider yourself as 'not good enough' . Really, seriously, imma slap you if you ever say that to my face. I know you're reading this. Be afraid. Be veeerryy afraid.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Smile

“I don’t know how to smile”—

“Can you tell me how to smile?”—

He would hide his face-

Even when he’s happy,

He’d never leave a trace.

He’ll think that-

“No, that’s not how it’s done,

I’ll only be a disgrace.”

And so he’ll hide himself away.

“Can you please look up and smile;

Don’t worry, the camera won’t bite!

Alright! One, two, thre- oh no, dear, please,

Show your teeth so we all can see

That handsome face of yours will sparkle like the sea

If you let your heart show what it really feels.”

But he glanced at the floor

And keep the mask on

This is how it’s done—

Just as stony as before.

There’s a girl who wants to know his heart,

So she follows him around the clock,

It bewildered her of how different he turned out—

If she was following the right person from the start.

This boy laughs and smiles to his heart content,

It’s like he really knows what life and love meant,

At the sight of his golden smile—

That girl melt and swept off her feet,

Cuz she have never seen that side of him—

The most genuine and beautiful smile that shines like a sunbeam. 


Sunday, September 15, 2013

A pair of shoes

I'm a pair of shoes
My nature
Is to be at the bottom
Stepped on
Play with dirt
Drown in rain

I'm all torn
Out of style
No longer needed
Or better yet
No longer wanted

My final nature
Is to be thrown away

Not a glimpse
Of guilt
Of compassion
Of gratitude
Of love
Because I'm just nothing
But a pair of shoes

But I am thankful
To be able to serve
And be of good use

I helped them get to places
Without hurting their feet
Keep them warm at times of cold
Let them walk tall--
Knowing that they are well supported


Thursday, September 12, 2013


Some things are better left unsaid because
Inner pain is for one to bear and never-- ever-
Let people say things about it because
Explaining things that they don't understand will
Never make things easier but only increase the
Coldness of the heart because
Exposing own weaknesses will make one feel lonelier.


Friday, July 19, 2013

I Refuse

And i will smile and keep on smiling
and i will not frown.
I refuse to frown
so smile and i will keep on smiling

And i will laugh and keep on laughing
and i will not cry.
I refuse to cry
so laugh and i will keep on laughing

And i will hum and keep on humming
and i will not whine.
I refuse to whine
so hum and i will keep on humming

And i will dance and keep on dancing
and i will not fall
I refuse to fall
so dance and i will keep on dancing

My beloved heart
stay calm.
Try to be happy.
think happy thoughts, sing happy songs, do happy things
and you'll shine. 
Your faith is yours and my faith is mine
Your believes are yours and my believes are mine
If I truly believe, then I will not be deceived
Say what they might but I'm still holding tight
I take what is right and improve my future dreams
There are no reasons for this but to be closer to Him.

Salam Ramadhan :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I zipped my lips together,
so that I won't give myself away,
and say things that I shouldn't say,
so that I may keep my composure--
for a little while longer.

I dropped my gaze from yours,
so that my emotions won't leak,
but your eyes-- had never been so bleak-
keeping  things from you brings me remorse--
but, you wouldn't know, of course.

I hurried off before you could reach for me,
so that this fantasy would remain as it is,
and let me be free of complicity- such as this,
I'm a simple boy who doesn't know how to be--
a protagonist of his own love story.


Sunday, June 30, 2013

This time of day

It's raining outside and
I'm covered in wool.
I put down my hot drink and
set down from where I stood.
I blow away the dust and
start opening the chest.

I went from 2013 to--
whenever the memory may lead.
The bitter coldness in me burns
from the sweetness of heat.
Now I'm wondering who I am
upon remembering who I was.
I hold it in as much as I can--
well, maybe I shouldn't--
well then maybe it's time.

It's raining outside and
I'm covered in tears.
I put down the memories and
stare up the crying sky.
I blow my running nose and
make my way for the last good bye.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Kenapa mahu melawan rasa dalam hati itu?
Onar itu kerana Allah sayangkan kamu
Pahit macam mana pun telankan juga
Itu lah pun yang akan membina kita


Saturday, May 18, 2013


will shut oneself
will crawl into the shell
will meditate under the waterfall
will have no disturbance

will sew the mouth shut
will close the eyes
will cork the ears
will have no distractions

will not be the monster feared
will not regret the actions made permanent
will not forget the promise kept dear
will not waste anymore tears

p/s; Congratulations brother. Know that you're loved.

Written by LeeJoe

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I dreamed that you came and you left and you came and you left again but the warmth was so familiar like you have always been here though the coldness was so severe for once I could die of depression and the trees would shade me from burning and melt from anger but still you come and you go and you come and you go again and things are still left unchanged.

Just Because

It's just that-
I love you -- just because, you know?
I love you;
I do, really, certainly, you know?
Yeah - I love you

Just because

Written by LeeJoe

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Close your eyes
think of happy places
close your ears
hear only of your positive thoughts
close your mouth
say only of silence and smiles

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So close but yet so far for him to hold
He is getting tired of waiting in the cold
Guess he just have to accept the tough blow
Cuz he fell in love with Merilyn Monroe.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All that I am

If my words are like water,
then they will flow out of my mouth
and evaporate into your mind
and condense into your heart,
hydrating it from its thirst.
Though, I am not always in control.
They might be polluted with sarcasm and cynicism
and might even drown you.

If my touch is like cold wind,
then it will cool your anger into forgiveness
and take you on a journey,
lifting you up onto the heavens.
Though, I am not always calm.
A tornado might come and wreck your life
and leave you spinning in the air,
until you will freeze to death.

If my gaze is like sun rays,
then it will help you grow as high as you might
and give life to your solar system
and bring you your rainbow after the heavy rain.
Though, I am not always warm.
They might shine so bright it will blind you
and you will sweat and melt,
you will decay and all that's left is dirt and nothing else.

So you see
I could be all of the nature's beauty
and I could be all of the nature's catastrophe.

Written by LeeJoe

Pitiful liar

You were a truck
I went under you and pretended like I was mashed

You were a dog
I hit your face but pretended like I was attacked

You were a coat
I wore you tightly but pretended like I was molested

You were so innocent
I played you like a chess and pretended like I was a bimbo

You were a nice person
I was a liar. A pitiful liar.

Written by LeeJoe

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Aku nampak

Tangannya dibuka luas
hanya menanti waktunya tiba

Mulut-mulut sudah mula berkata
"hanya menanti tanpa usaha"

Dibacanya, "Penantian itu suatu penyeksaan"
terketawa kerana tidak seseksa penantian tanpa kepastian

Semakin dicuba semakin keliru jadinya
lalu dibelai hatinya "Dia maha mengetahui, Dia maha melindungi"

Air matanya berlinang ditengah malam
"sekali ini saja biar aku yang mengada-ada"

Semakin dicuba semakin lemah jadinya
katanya mereka "jangan menjual, akan tiba juga waktunya"

Terduduk diam saja dan senyum menerima
didalamnya sudah rapuh dan patah titian usaha

Tangannya kini terjatuh
sembunyikan diri dari cinta

Nukilan LeeJoe


Hujan-hujan yang turun
aku berlari sambil menakung dan aku simpan
akan aku mandi dengannya

Api-api yang membara
aku peluk hingga jadi abu dan aku simpan
akan aku bina istana pasir dengannya

Ribut salji melanda
aku menari hingga diselaputi salji lalu aku simpan
akan aku buat ais krim dengannya

Guruh yang menjerit
aku menyanyi dan menghafal iramanya dan aku simpan
akan aku hasilkan lagu dengannya

Kilat yang menyambar
aku kutip sisa dengan tanganku dan aku simpan
akan aku nyala lampu saat kegelapan dengannya

Nukilan LeeJoe

Monday, February 4, 2013

Really Nothing

Because everything is too good to be true
and within a minute I could forget about you
it was surreal before; like a fairy tale.
Now I feel nothing. Nothing like there is really nothing there.

I am killing you in my mind and pushing you away in my heart.
Like you can see it from my face, you suddenly fall apart.
You ache to walk away like a favorite movie on replay
but you try to make a change saying you want me and that you'll stay.

That might make me fall on your feet and cry before
thinking my fairy tale might have a happy ending after all
but no, I'm not stupid anymore
because now I feel nothing. Nothing like there is really nothing there.

Written by LeeJoe

Monday, January 28, 2013

Just Accept

And so the moon shines
through that broken window of his
as he glares at it for it shall not be as it is;
so beautiful and magical like there are no flaws in it.

And so the rain falls so heavily,
forcing her to become a prisoner in her own home.
She lies in bed and cries for she shall not feel as how she is feeling;
so happy and content like the world is at her feet.

Let's not fight it.
Let's not deny it.
Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes
and in any circumstances.
Happiness and contentment is not what people say it is;
it's what we say and what we feel.

Written by LeeJoe

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sebenarnya apa?

Waduh! kusangkakan tembakan rupanya letupan bunga api
masakan boleh didengari letupan dari Gaza dan Bosnia?

eh! tangisan pula didengari
tangisan apakah itu?

Sebenarnya apa?

hanya seronok akan naiknya satu angka 
terujanya dapat tukar kalendar
tahun yang baru maka permulaan yang baru
setiap kali pun memang begitu
niat apa entah kita pun tak tahu

Sebenarnya apa?

bersyukur kerana masih bernyawa
gembira atas peluang yang masih ada 
memperbaiki diri untukYang Esa
terus berjuang tanpa berputus asa
terduduk, bersujud lari dari dunia

Dua kosong satu tiga

Sebenarnya untuk apa?

Nukilan LeeJoe