Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dini Fareha

Degrading myself,
Is all I have known to do,
No compromise, no mercy,
Indeed a masochist.

Forlorn and bitter,
As I recall what I did to me,
Regret is all there will
Ever be, and
Hate is
All there is left, to me.

Dini Fareha

I can't believe after all of the great poems that you've managed to write, you still consider yourself as 'not good enough' . Really, seriously, imma slap you if you ever say that to my face. I know you're reading this. Be afraid. Be veeerryy afraid.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Smile

“I don’t know how to smile”—

“Can you tell me how to smile?”—

He would hide his face-

Even when he’s happy,

He’d never leave a trace.

He’ll think that-

“No, that’s not how it’s done,

I’ll only be a disgrace.”

And so he’ll hide himself away.

“Can you please look up and smile;

Don’t worry, the camera won’t bite!

Alright! One, two, thre- oh no, dear, please,

Show your teeth so we all can see

That handsome face of yours will sparkle like the sea

If you let your heart show what it really feels.”

But he glanced at the floor

And keep the mask on

This is how it’s done—

Just as stony as before.

There’s a girl who wants to know his heart,

So she follows him around the clock,

It bewildered her of how different he turned out—

If she was following the right person from the start.

This boy laughs and smiles to his heart content,

It’s like he really knows what life and love meant,

At the sight of his golden smile—

That girl melt and swept off her feet,

Cuz she have never seen that side of him—

The most genuine and beautiful smile that shines like a sunbeam. 


Sunday, September 15, 2013

A pair of shoes

I'm a pair of shoes
My nature
Is to be at the bottom
Stepped on
Play with dirt
Drown in rain

I'm all torn
Out of style
No longer needed
Or better yet
No longer wanted

My final nature
Is to be thrown away

Not a glimpse
Of guilt
Of compassion
Of gratitude
Of love
Because I'm just nothing
But a pair of shoes

But I am thankful
To be able to serve
And be of good use

I helped them get to places
Without hurting their feet
Keep them warm at times of cold
Let them walk tall--
Knowing that they are well supported


Thursday, September 12, 2013


Some things are better left unsaid because
Inner pain is for one to bear and never-- ever-
Let people say things about it because
Explaining things that they don't understand will
Never make things easier but only increase the
Coldness of the heart because
Exposing own weaknesses will make one feel lonelier.