Saturday, May 18, 2013


will shut oneself
will crawl into the shell
will meditate under the waterfall
will have no disturbance

will sew the mouth shut
will close the eyes
will cork the ears
will have no distractions

will not be the monster feared
will not regret the actions made permanent
will not forget the promise kept dear
will not waste anymore tears

p/s; Congratulations brother. Know that you're loved.

Written by LeeJoe

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I dreamed that you came and you left and you came and you left again but the warmth was so familiar like you have always been here though the coldness was so severe for once I could die of depression and the trees would shade me from burning and melt from anger but still you come and you go and you come and you go again and things are still left unchanged.

Just Because

It's just that-
I love you -- just because, you know?
I love you;
I do, really, certainly, you know?
Yeah - I love you

Just because

Written by LeeJoe