Tuesday, April 20, 2010

building up.

It always starts with friendship,
as it grew bigger and larger in one's heart that it wouldn't fit,
thinking of the previous disappointment,
as if being alone is the only contentment,
others come by offering their love,
I, by all means wishing to only be a bystander,
pushing and screaming inside at the curve,
where things always get too slippery to control.

But the truth are not not be seen,
a note by oneself that never taken any interest,
that deep inside that big emptiness, bitterness and cynicism,
I too need a lover and a company that would treat the wound,
fix the broken if you please,
be the hero of my small little drama called life,
accept for what I am that are pathetic as I presume.

Don't want to be your substitute,
when you are not mine,
my past has long gone,
as your past aren't mine to set,
we live to love and be loved.
as I am willing to love and be loved by you.

My dear beloved Ahmad Syahir 'Izzat Mohd Johari

written by LeeJoe,