Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let it be over.

Would people change,
when they know the world's gonna end?
there's no time for a second chance.

let it be over,
when i open my eyes,
I don't wanna see the darkness,
I wanna see a bright new day,
where the bad things never happen,
let it be over.

Let go of the past they say,
but you keep holding on to them,
what's wrong with you?
don't you have the guts at all?

Let it be over,
when i put my head to sleep,
I don't wanna see you dying,
when you already gone,
let's leave it at that,
let it be over.

Written by LeeJoe

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'll still be by your side

You crushed and broke my heart into pieces,
can't you tell the pain through my face,
i can't scream it out to let you know,
you gotta do the math,
so try to understand,
i love you, i love you, i love you,
no matter what.

The night is young,
so please don't go so fast,
wait until dawn,
I'll do the rest.

I'll forgive you for what you've done,
no matter how shitty that you have become,
I can still see the real you inside,
Don't go anywhere,
cause where I'll be is by your side,
by your side.

from the bottom of my heart.

When you are not around,
I miss you,
When you talk to me,
I'm speechless,
When you are with me,
I am blind, I am deaf.

Why wouldn't time stop,
when we happy,
when we trying to get along,
making histories,
making memories,
and this is true,
from the bottom of my heart,

When we are far apart,
I am bored, I'm lonely,
When we miss understood,
I cried.


When you ignore me,
I'm hoping for a word,
but there's only one thing,
I want to say,
I love you.


Written by Yusfariza
Edited/composed by LeeJoe

Sunday, December 7, 2008

indahnya cinta

indahnya cinta
pada mata kita
yang mengalaminya
sudah tak terkata

oh indahnya cinta
yang lahir dari hati
itu lebih bermakna
dari ungkapan nya

setiap saat
aku mengukirkan
untukmu senyuman
agar kau turut
tersenyum sekali
bergembiralah sayang

lagu cinta untukmu
dari sudut hatiku
harap kau memahami
betapa dalamnya
cintaku untuk mu

perlukah ku
ungkapkan lagi semuanya?
sedangkan semuanya
telah terpapar di wajahku

indahnya cinta
membuat dunia smakin ceria
walau apapun terjadi
kita mengharap
ia akan kekal selamanya

Nukilan LeeJoe

Monday, December 1, 2008

The special day

should i be angry?
when you didn't pick up the phone,
all night I've been calling,
the nights I've been waiting for you.

today should be the day,
that we should be celebrating together.

the special day,
you weren't there again,
to witness our love dim,
and you're not gonna do anything,
to make it better,
to make it better,
once more.

should I forgive you?
all the dates that you stood me up,
all the days I've been hoping,
just lead me to end up in tears.

where is your heart now?
it's not with me anymore,
it left without goodbyes,
and left me all alone.


written by LeeJoe