Wednesday, February 25, 2009

not the past.

Morning reasons to come,
Waiting and hoping for time,
When eyes meet and hearts will jump.

Sparks sparkle like glitter in sky,
Where moment will freeze,
and time will fly.

Travel in time,
Old feelings will come,
Nostalgic affect,
Nothing could be redone.

Earth awaits and reality again,
Every movement taken is present,
Forget he who is passed,
See the new heart,
and enjoy it while is last.

Written by LeeJoe

Sunday, February 22, 2009

She's invisible.

She's invisible,
No matter what pose she poses,
She's still invisible.

Room filled with people,
Room filled with air,
She's still invisible.

See that smile, see it not,
Laughter nor voice sang in silence,
She's invisible.

Loving the love that no return,
Hurts the most when none cares,
Because she's invisible.

Read not of this note,
As from heart of the invisible,
As she'll forever be invisible.

Written by LeeJoe.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

she lost someone

There are no colors,
neither pink on cheeks,
nor rainbow on eyes,
She blushes away,
with no colors to describe.

The box is empty,
That's what it seems,
No story to tell,
so it dimmed.

See with no eyes,
but senses feel,
The wave of blue,
shell's been covered.

The heart is now alone,
The lost of forever,
Never to return,
The blue stays for awhile,
Never leaves unless a smile.

Written by LeeJoe

Thursday, February 12, 2009

things will change?

sitting on the roof,
admiring the stars,
enjoying the breeze,
loving the silent.

watching the moon,
shining the night,
before going down,
fighting for life.

sitting in bed,
with no one to kiss good night,
close your eyes,
lay your head.

see it in your mind,
the same thing every time,
the days you spent,
like watching the same comedy,
again and again.

the mornings hope,
like water on rivers,
like paper boat in gutters.

gazing in space,
with thought of nothing,
but wondering if,
things will ever change.

written by LeeJoe.