Sunday, February 14, 2010

broken up, getting up.

Let it burn my dear,
Let the wind take those ash,
Let us see no tear,
because those memories won't last,
Take the lighter, see the fire,
All you'll be is just a liar,
Hear those words so well said,
Now it's just noise in my head,
See these hands you used to hold,
There are truths to be unfold,
See these eyes that used to cry,
Now that it's dry and ready to try,
See the world, and take those chances,
Every step i make have offenses,
All of these will make me stronger,
and i won't fall any longer.

Written by LeeJoe,


Rain is my favourite weather,
Though i never wished for it to rain forever,
For me, life always need a little cheer,
But it doesn't mean there will be no tear.

Now it rains so heavy,
So heavy that it drives people crazy,
Why are they so clumsy? I cannot see,
For me this is a way to be free.

Seeing it drop, seeing it splash,
Making bad memories turn into ash,
Hear the thunder, hear it scream,
Seeing them again in my dreams.

Standing on the field so wide,
saying how i feel is undefined,
Remember the seasons when i cried,
and you saying how the sun will shine.

Written by LeeJoe,
PLKN's raining season,


Missing you all the time,
But not wanting to is such a crime,
Sick of words that can't be heard,
Wish i could turn back time so we won't get hurt.

I'm dreaming of you every single day,
Forgetting them is the rule i can't obey,
Your voice is pulling me deeper,
your hugs and kisses says you're a keeper.

Writing this makes my heart shatter like glass,
Don't make me fall and break like my last,
May or may not time heal,
Right now all i want is my heart to be like steel.

Written by LeeJoe.
PLKN period.