Friday, December 5, 2014

This too will pass

Hello there dear,
Where are you now? I wonder,
"I'm in the middle of a drought" she cries,
Well, fret not my dear,
Just wait a little more and it soon will pass.

Hello there sweety,
Do tell me where you are, I plea,
"I'm in  the middle of an endless storm" he screamed,
Well, fret not my sweet,
There's an end to this endless and this storm will pass.

Hello there love,
Where are you roaming about now? I laughed,
"I'm in the middle of a cold black night" he coughed,
Well, fret not my love,
The sun will soon shine, the cold and the dark will pass.

Hello there darling,
Where on earth are you now? I sing,
"I'm in the middle of a beautiful spring" she beams,
Well, fret not my darling,
For seasons change and this too will pass.