Monday, November 25, 2013


I know what I'm supposed to feel.
But I know that it is not what I need.
If I say it's what I need;
I'd be more than a liar and a hypocrite--
to myself.

To leave.
This is what I need.

People love me-- so I think.
That won't do when I don't love myself.
I need time alone.
I need to get away.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

100 word story #1

I would- if I could- just cry and cry and cry. I'm not sad but still I'll cry. Crying is not a sin, it's not something to be ashamed of because it is a relief. It's an escapism. So I will cry because my heart needs to escape. It can't handle of confusion, too much hope and happiness. It doesn't trust itself to not doubt every single one of them. So I cry; secretly hoping that my little dark cocoon will leak- and I'll slither myself out of it. To cry is not a cowardice act. It's an act of freedom.

One way trip.


Funny thing happened;
I thought I saw you at terminal A
when I was on my way to the ATM.
But I brushed it off because
I thought it didn't make sense--
for you to be here.

Then it happened again;
I thought I saw you at terminal B
when I was doing window shopping.
But I brushed it off because
I thought my head was playing me--
seeing you where ever I turn.

But guess what? it happened again;
I saw you at terminal C
when I was having my coffee at McCafe--
This time, I was so sure.
It took me few minutes to digest the situation--
But then I laughed--
I just realized something--
Something that I should have seen sooner.

You were never actually here.
You were always there with someone else.
Your lies had always been the grade A kind
and to you, I am only your plan B
but you hid it so well that I couldn't C.

Well then, you didn't see this coming did you?
Listen, you can wait at those terminals as long as you want--
because my flight just took off and it's a one way trip.

Good bye.

My six word story #4

Met you when you were leaving.