Tuesday, December 8, 2009

tear drop

can't stop it.
let it run down.
cause it knows just how torn up i am inside.

let it slide.
let it fall till its last drop.
let it be.. let it be..

Monday, November 23, 2009

Satu langkah ke hadapan.

Aku dalam gelap
matahari terbenam
bulan tidak mengambang.

Aku lari ke sana
aku lari ke sini
tiada cahaya yang dicari
aku terperuk menyendiri.

Aku jalan aku jatuh
Aku menari tetap mengaduh
aku sakit
aku alami perit.

Aku senyap
aku menyepi
mahu terbang tiada sayap
lalu terduduk aku ditepi.

Aku menangis
mengira nasib aku yang sadis
hati rintih dengan bingar
lupa tentang Dia yang mendengar.

Aku meraba dalam kegelapan
aku berdiri untuk berjalan
aku jatuh kesakitan
berdiri semula dengan kekuatan
mencari cahaya kebenaran.

Dengan tabah aku gerakkan
satu langkah kehadapan.

Nukilan LeeJoe,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

You can't be mine

I'm tired of waiting,
Cause I know you won't be here,
I'm tired of thinking,
If you had been sincere.

I can't take this anymore,
I can't solve the riddle,
and my eyes are dry.

I just died inside,
When you pass me by,
and you can't be mine.

I saw you at the distance,
Watching your every move,
I saw your appearance,
In my daily snooze.

I can't stand this anymore,
I can't get you outta my head,
even if I try.

I just died inside,
When you pass me by,
and you can't be mine.

Written by LeeJoe,

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I miss you

I miss you dear,
I need you here,
Don't leave me please,
Just one more kiss,
Regret I may say,
For me, will you stay?
I need you here,
I miss you dear.

Dedicated to dear lover boy.
Written by LeeJoe.

Come back home

You were there,
And I was here watching you walking away,
Every night I closed my eyes, i see you,
And I'm still here.

so I,
keep thinking that you might turn around,
cause I..

I miss you,
through the night,
i cried,
i believe it my heart,
you can hear me sing your name,
I'll be there,
when you come back home.

Every year,
We'll meet again but you'll be with her,
I don't mind cause I know you'll be alright,
And will still be here.

So I,
Will never stop waiting for you even if I...

I miss you,
through the night,
I cried,
I believe it in my heart,
You can hear me sing your name,
I'll be there,
when you come back home.

Dedicated to Max Cavalerra.
Written by LeeJoe

Saturday, September 12, 2009

you make me love again.

My dear,
I never thought the impossibles are possible,
We being together is a suicide,
We being together is the sweetest memory in life,
Seeing you makes the time stop,
every day makes me wanna rewind the clock.

My dear,
Every song is a lullaby,
Every now and then you just make me cry,
We sang our nights with love songs,
I love how you make me feel like i belong,
To be in my life that is so plain,
To make me feel like i'm whole again.

My dear,
You're the light,
For my heart that has always been night,
Now you're the stars,
Now we're together and the world is ours,

You my love, make me sing again,
You my love, make me love again.
I love you.

Written by LeeJoe,

i'm not alone.

I'm not a good singer,
But I'll try to be better,
I don't have a lot of time to think about what the words I'm going to sing,
Cause what i have to say,
Is what's there trap in my heart.

I never see what the world exactly is,
Until I fly up the stars and they all called me down,
And now I see,
The world for me, the world for me is you.

I was walking on the pavement,
When my shadow had gone,
Then I looked up and saw the pretty smile of the person that i love,
Then I realized.. oh, I'm not alone.

I never see what the world exactly is,
Until I fly up the stars and they all called me down,
And now I see,
The world for me, the world for me is you.

Written by LeeJoe

i'll be there

Oh I'll be there,
Be there,
Oh be there,
For you.

Oh dear friend,
I'm here now,
Wipe those tears now,
It's the end.

Oh I'll be there,
Be there,
Oh be there,
For you.

Trees of friendship,
It's strong now,
Wipe those tears now,
It's the end.

Oh I'll be there,
Be there,
Oh be there,
For you.

Written by LeeJoe

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I try.

I never think it would matter,
if i change my mind,
all of this time,
i try, i try.

I'm so sorry,
I never thought it would effect you,
I'm sorry,
I tried.

You and I together forever,
Never look back the past between us,
Never really want to know,
What is real.

I'm so sorry,
I never thought i would effect you,
I'm sorry,
I tried, oh I tried.

Written by LeeJoe

Saturday, May 23, 2009


What will happen if the world stop spinning,
what will happen if the time wouldn't fly,
what will happen if you weren't alive,
Would I be hurtin' like I do now.

I don't know what you know,
And I'm sure I never will,
I don't know what the world hides from me,
I never will,
No i never will.

I understand if they say no world is good for me,
And I don't mind if they turn back on me,
Because the wind's on my side,
Because they all never try,
To believe.

Written by LeeJoe,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Good Times.

Have you seen it?
way back time,
How we lived, how we loved, how we're killing each other?
Good times,
Good times.

You and I we were,
bast friends,
You were here, I was there, we were never apart,
But now its all different,
How sad,
So sad.

Good times,
I might,
Not like,
To go back.

Written by

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Think what you feel.

The dark clouds again shutter,
The diamonds to ground,
Nothing to do no shelter,
Keep the diamonds till time.

Running to avoid the boulevard,
Being watched and talked.
Wish to switch for another card,
To begin again and fight them all.

Those faces so dull,
seems like a curse,
Your season's changed,
Change together,
No, it won't hurt.

Talking in silence,
So beautiful the sound,
Might not be present,
No one bother to turn around.

Written by LeeJoe

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sel Cinta Mati

Sel cinta dalam badanku telah mati,
Aku mula rebah jatuh ke bumi,
Tanpa kamu menyambutKu,
Terus aku menangis,
Irama pilu.

Angin yang dihembus,
Bagai menyapaku,
Terbongkarlah penipuanmu.

Sel cinta dalam badanku telah mati,
Lelapku ke dalam kegelapan dunia,
Ku cinta kamu.
Tiada lagi.


PutTERlayu anak lanlan.
Diubahsuai- LeeJoe

Sunday, March 22, 2009

If not you.

I don't know what else to say,
I keep waiting and waiting,
but you keep walking away and away,
seems like just yesterday we were so close,
with just one blink of an eye,
you were gone.

I don't know what else to do,
all these days I keep telling my self to stay put,
when the wave comes so i would try to do like I should,
but it's like you,
no matter how I handle your absence,
everything that reminds me of you,
shakes me even in silence.

I don't know what else to think,
the new tree has come,
offering me shade from the sun.
should I keep standing in sun and in the rain,
for you to grow and give me support after my support for you?
would you treat me with your gentleness or would you find other?

I don't know anymore,
what else should I think of?
what else should I put up with?
what else should I wait for?

If not you?

Written by LeeJoe.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Nature for me.

The stars are shining bright above me,
while the moon shines along,
the rivers flow within me,
so warm.

The wave crashes the seashore,
while wind blew time,
the chills awakens me,
so cold.

Lying on the sand with eyes above,
see the dream that I dreamed so close,
make me believe,
so real.

Never before wonder,
never before seen,
how wondrous for me nature would bring,
for I seek is exactly what it keeps.

Written by LeeJoe,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

not the past.

Morning reasons to come,
Waiting and hoping for time,
When eyes meet and hearts will jump.

Sparks sparkle like glitter in sky,
Where moment will freeze,
and time will fly.

Travel in time,
Old feelings will come,
Nostalgic affect,
Nothing could be redone.

Earth awaits and reality again,
Every movement taken is present,
Forget he who is passed,
See the new heart,
and enjoy it while is last.

Written by LeeJoe

Sunday, February 22, 2009

She's invisible.

She's invisible,
No matter what pose she poses,
She's still invisible.

Room filled with people,
Room filled with air,
She's still invisible.

See that smile, see it not,
Laughter nor voice sang in silence,
She's invisible.

Loving the love that no return,
Hurts the most when none cares,
Because she's invisible.

Read not of this note,
As from heart of the invisible,
As she'll forever be invisible.

Written by LeeJoe.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

she lost someone

There are no colors,
neither pink on cheeks,
nor rainbow on eyes,
She blushes away,
with no colors to describe.

The box is empty,
That's what it seems,
No story to tell,
so it dimmed.

See with no eyes,
but senses feel,
The wave of blue,
shell's been covered.

The heart is now alone,
The lost of forever,
Never to return,
The blue stays for awhile,
Never leaves unless a smile.

Written by LeeJoe

Thursday, February 12, 2009

things will change?

sitting on the roof,
admiring the stars,
enjoying the breeze,
loving the silent.

watching the moon,
shining the night,
before going down,
fighting for life.

sitting in bed,
with no one to kiss good night,
close your eyes,
lay your head.

see it in your mind,
the same thing every time,
the days you spent,
like watching the same comedy,
again and again.

the mornings hope,
like water on rivers,
like paper boat in gutters.

gazing in space,
with thought of nothing,
but wondering if,
things will ever change.

written by LeeJoe.

Friday, January 30, 2009

say 'alright'

you, you come into my world,
the sun, the sun is shining to bright up our day,
the season's changing,
the sun is setting,
you come and go as you please,
do me a favor,
don't leave tracks in my heart.

please don't turn back now,
the time is running out on me,
don't care what they say,
don't care what they think,
yeah i'll do it, yeah i'll make it,
i'll do it better and you'll say 'alright'.

please, don't ever let me go,
smile, turn around and give me your sweet smile,
your grip is loosing,
your smile are fading,
you're flying high away from me,
Do me a favor, go tell the stars i say 'hello'

written by LeeJoe

Friday, January 16, 2009

thank you

thank you,
that's all i wanna say to you,
for all the things that you've done,
whenever that you're gone,
i'll remember it.

for your every smile,
for your every laughter,
i'll treasure it,
afraid it would be the last.

you may say it's okay,
it's fine,
but for me it's not okay,
it's not fine.

you may see it to be nothing,
but for me, it's something,
for my heart, its everything.

for your every smile,
for your every laughter,
i'll treasure it,
afraid it would be the last.

for everything that you've done,
for everything that's been done,
i wanna thank you.

written by LeeJoe

Monday, January 12, 2009

the one

the rain will fall,
and thunder strikes,
i keep smiling on despite everything that i've been through,
i believe you'll be here again.

i want you to be the one,
the one that make things brighter,
you're my sun,
you're my only one.

things will turn around quickly,
time will never stop for me,
i'll keep waiting,
for you to come and save me.


written by LeeJoe

penyelamat peribadi

ku ketawa seperti kebiasaan,
tapi ku bertutur tanpa perasaan,
masa berlalu semuanya dah berubah,
tapi ku tetap sama,
kau tetap sama.

saat terjatuh hati,
ku bergetar,
waktu indah tercatat selamanya,
takkan sekali kabur,
ohh.. wajahmu.

tanganku sentuh tanganmu,
larilah fikiran ke alam fantasi,
kau menarikku kembali ke realiti,
kaulah penyelamat peribadiku.

di malam tenang,
senang untuk ku mimpi,
mimpi kau datang beri satu kucupan,
adakah ini benar?
ohh.. hanya mimpi.


nukilan LeeJoe

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ohh little birdy.

Don't worry about me,
don't worry about my plans,
to escape this world,
to runaway away away.

don't try to find me,
don't try to make things worse,
i wanna be alone,
i wanna be by my self.

ohh little birdy,
where are you flying off to?
i wanna follow you,
i wanna fly with you,
i wanted to escape,
my life.

i don't wanna talk about me,
but i have no choice,
people keep walking away from me,
so, what's wrong with me?

ohh little birdy,
where are you flying off to?
i wanna follow you,
i wanna fly with you,
but, i want to stay.

ohh little birdy,
come down and save me,
i don't wanna be alone anymore,
yeah it's true,
here, share your secrets please,
how you fly with other birds?

ohh little birdy.

written by LeeJoe


we are from two different worlds,
when we think about the differences,
it makes no sense,
tell me you don't care a damn.

how can I take the chance,
when you won't even take my hand?
please be reasonable,
one heart is enough to break.

lets take a second to dream about the life that we want,
lets stay together forever,
our lives till the end,
like i said,
let dream about the life that we want,
right now.

day and night,
we go around and around,
we go nowhere,
there are eyes staring,
watching like we're on some sunday's news.

late at night,
the star will shine,
and it's shining with our names,
wish you were here with me,
staring at the sky together.

lets take a second to lay back and think about our lives,
lets make it for the better,
there's no turning back,
like i said,
let's lay back and think about our lives,
right now.

written by LeeJoe