Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You know, those feelings

when you're walking alone
with your favorite song.
As it beats in your ears--
it shuts all the irrelevance in the world
and you feel calm and in your place,
you know what I mean?

when it's raining and
you've been running in the cold.
It stabs you to the bones
but still you dance like a gypsy--
you feel like it is your moment, your floor,
you know what I mean?

when you wake up in the morning--
the comfort of your body and
the familiar smell of your bed sheets.
As you sink into your pillow
knowing that you are home,
you know what I mean?

Written by LeeJoe

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'll sing you a song

I'll play you the most cheerful rhythm
I'll write you the sweetest rhymes

I'll bring you out from the hidden
and give you the best of times

I'll make you feel like dancing in the rain
so you can cry and not feel the shame

I'll make you laugh and smile and feel whole again
even though you know that there will still be stains

I'll play you the best rhythm
I'll write you the coolest rhymes

I'll make you believe that you are important
and bring you back your smiles

Written by LeeJoe

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just maybe

I close my eyes
imagine the yellow leaves fall in autumn
with my big old fluffy coat keeping me warm
as I stroll in the park alone
with my eyes wide open
and my mouth let out chuckles and grins

I close my eyes
imagine the white snow fill the road in winter
with my big comfy arm chair and the fire to keep me warm
as I read my book alone
sip my hot chocolate with marshmallow
my heart beats slow

I close my eyes
imagine why I was still here
the more I reach out, the farther it gets
maybe if I stop, it would reach for me instead

Written by LeeJoe

Thursday, November 10, 2011

We make a difference

There is light in you
and it shines every time
when you walk into the room
your presence brings space
and it is brighter and calmer

There is fire in you
and it burns every time
when you laugh and smile
there's a rush of enthusiasm
that burns in your flesh

There are things
that are indescribable
that are unique
that are significant
in everyone of us

We make a difference.

Those light and fire
don't let it dim
don't let it burn out

It'll bring darkness and coldness to the world

Written by LeeJoe

Friday, November 4, 2011

Aku tak boleh tipu. Aku rindu.

Senyum senyum

Gelak gelak


Tarik nafas dalam dalam

Hembus Perlahan lahan

Cuba untuk senyum lagi

Cuba untuk gelak lagi


Tarik nafas dalam dalam
jangan tersekat sekat

Hembus perlahan lahan
jangan terburu buru



Jangan jatuh lagi..



Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Aku mimpi

Aku mimpi
Aku sesat dalam lautan manusia
Berjalan, bergegas entah ke mana
Arah tujunya kabur- tempatnya tidak nyata

Aku mimpi
Aku hanyut dalam kenikmatan dunia
Terapung mengikut alunan lagu yang tiada makna
Mencucuk langit berasapkan awan putih berbau hina

Aku mimpi
Aku berlari melawan arus, tercari cari
Hatiku semakin hambar, hujan membasahi aku
Lutut aku terjatuh, aku gugur di atas bumi

Nukilan LeeJoe