Friday, July 19, 2013

I Refuse

And i will smile and keep on smiling
and i will not frown.
I refuse to frown
so smile and i will keep on smiling

And i will laugh and keep on laughing
and i will not cry.
I refuse to cry
so laugh and i will keep on laughing

And i will hum and keep on humming
and i will not whine.
I refuse to whine
so hum and i will keep on humming

And i will dance and keep on dancing
and i will not fall
I refuse to fall
so dance and i will keep on dancing

My beloved heart
stay calm.
Try to be happy.
think happy thoughts, sing happy songs, do happy things
and you'll shine. 
Your faith is yours and my faith is mine
Your believes are yours and my believes are mine
If I truly believe, then I will not be deceived
Say what they might but I'm still holding tight
I take what is right and improve my future dreams
There are no reasons for this but to be closer to Him.

Salam Ramadhan :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I zipped my lips together,
so that I won't give myself away,
and say things that I shouldn't say,
so that I may keep my composure--
for a little while longer.

I dropped my gaze from yours,
so that my emotions won't leak,
but your eyes-- had never been so bleak-
keeping  things from you brings me remorse--
but, you wouldn't know, of course.

I hurried off before you could reach for me,
so that this fantasy would remain as it is,
and let me be free of complicity- such as this,
I'm a simple boy who doesn't know how to be--
a protagonist of his own love story.