Saturday, May 23, 2009


What will happen if the world stop spinning,
what will happen if the time wouldn't fly,
what will happen if you weren't alive,
Would I be hurtin' like I do now.

I don't know what you know,
And I'm sure I never will,
I don't know what the world hides from me,
I never will,
No i never will.

I understand if they say no world is good for me,
And I don't mind if they turn back on me,
Because the wind's on my side,
Because they all never try,
To believe.

Written by LeeJoe,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Good Times.

Have you seen it?
way back time,
How we lived, how we loved, how we're killing each other?
Good times,
Good times.

You and I we were,
bast friends,
You were here, I was there, we were never apart,
But now its all different,
How sad,
So sad.

Good times,
I might,
Not like,
To go back.

Written by