Sunday, May 25, 2014

I reached out my hand--
searching for something real.
But then the real thing found me--
and turns out it weren't meant for me.

I reached out my heart--
searching for a soft landing.
But then the soft land found me--
and turns out it was too harsh for me.

I reached out--
I keep on reaching out--
where the initial condition is so beautiful.
It was-- enough.
Makes me think of the reason why
it was perceived incomplete before.

What was given and received in return was preposterous.
What was clean is now muddy.
What was soft is now rough.
What was untouched is now scratched.
What was perfect is now broken.

Now what better way to fix this--
Than to throw it away.
Now what better way to overcome it--
Than to find a new one.